the furore, one cabin crew member has emerged a hero

man at the centre of hand luggage backlash

Fired up Russians cheap Canada Goose are taking aim at a plane crash survivor who has cheap canada goose been accused of “blocking” others from escaping the burning aircraft that crashed in Moscow on Sunday.

Dmitry cheap canada goose uk Khlebushkin, who had been reportedly sitting in seat 10C on the downed Aeroflot jet, was spotted walking away from the blaze holding his backpack and later fronted the media to complain about not getting a canada goose factory sale refund.

Upon escaping the crash, in which 41 people died, he hit out at the airline, telling Russian reporters it was made up goose outlet canada of and unprofessional people failed to canada goose jacket outlet get a refund for my ticket for 40 minutes, he said. canada goose outlet uk in the end I did not get it at all. he has now been targeted on Russian aviation uk canada goose online forum Forumavia, where video footage was posted of him escaping the Sukhoi Superjet 100 holding his backpack. It is unclear, however, if his backpack was in the canada goose outlet sale overhead canada goose outlet store uk lockers or by his feet.

Russian media reports only three passengers behind Mr Khlebushkin managed to flee the plane.

Plane crash survivor Dmitry Khlebushkin told reporters he was angry about not being given a refund.

was dark, the temperature was high, they were pulling people out of there, he told reporters. helped people to go down the slide.

blood pressure is 200/120 and I have arrhythmia. canada goose store I cannot stop. I want to live.

However, aviation experts say it is likely the death toll from Sunday crash would have been canada goose outlet lower had the plane been evacuated more quickly.

The footage of the emergency evacuation posted on the forum, shows some passengers threw their bags down the slide as others were stuck at the rear of the burning plane.

first passengers tried to throw out their bags from the cabin canada goose outlet canada and canada goose outlet black friday then to slide down. This is why there are delays, commented one member of the forum.

is really concerning canada goose outlet here is if you look at the vision, you can see them carrying their bags and there passengers inside taking videos, Mr Thomas said.

this is another situation where passengers getting canada goose outlet online their bags off, canada goose outlet new york city instead of just getting off the aeroplane, has tragically caused people to lose their lives. the furore, one cabin crew member has emerged a hero.

Tatyana Kasatkina, 34, kicked open the door to the Aeroflot jet, grabbed passengers the collar and pushed them out of the aircraft to safety.

the plane stopped, the evacuation immediately began, she told The Sun. was shouting that we were on fire. But there was no fire uk canada goose outlet inside the cabin at this moment. to hurry them up, I grabbed each of them by the collar from the back. comes as the plane pilot and canada goose uk black friday surviving passengers have revealed the aircraft was struck by lightning moments before the crash.

Pilot Denis Yevdokimov told Russian media the aircraft lost communication and needed to switch to emergency control mode of lightning on the Aeroflot flight to the Arctic city of Murmansk.

He did not specify if the plane was struck directly.

managed to restore communication through the emergency frequency on our radio connection. But the link was only for a short time and kept cutting out it was possible to say only a few words, he told the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper.

The downed plane is said to have been hit by canada goose coats on sale lightning. Picture: AFPSource:AFP

Videos on social media show the plane crash landing and then speeding along the runway with flames pouring from its fuselage.

People can be seen leaping onto official canada goose outlet an inflatable slide at the front and running from the blazing plane as columns of black smoke billow into the sky.

Another video shot inside the cabin shows roaring flames outside the window and passengers crying out in panic.

Mr Yevdokimov said he believed the plane burst into flames on landing, most likely because of full fuel tanks.


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